Located on the Territory of the Treaty 8 First Nations, the Taylor Bridge is a two-lane, 712-metre-long bridge and a vital link for the North and South Peace regions and to the rest of British Columbia (B.C.). Situated along Highway 97, the Taylor Bridge connects northeastern B.C. to the rest of the province, Canada, and North America.
Opened in 1960, the Taylor Bridge is an ageing structure that has been identified as approaching the end of its service life. Planning for a long-term solution for the bridge is underway. The process includes two phases of public and stakeholder engagement.
The Ministry continues to consult with Treaty 8 First Nations in the area through a separate government-to-government process. The Ministry is also engaging directly with companies with utility infrastructure on and adjacent to the bridge.

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This engagement was conducted by the Ministry of  Transportation and Infrastructure, and is now closed.

Phase 1 Engagement, October and November 2021: In Phase 1, the Ministry invited input on the concerns and needs for a long-term solution for the Taylor Bridge. The input received informed the development of five concepts presented in Phase 2.

Phase 2 Engagement, August and September 2022: Building on Phase 1, this report provides a high-level summary of the findings of Phase 2. The purpose of Phase 2 was to gather public and stakeholder input on the five concepts. The concepts were presented, and feedback was solicited through an online community survey, a Bridge User Group workshop, six stakeholder meetings, an open house at Peace Island Park, and written submissions.


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